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A Single Platform for Your Operation


  • Enterprise solution with local flexibility

    • Ensure consistency across the business and brand by managing menus, promotions, and pricing centrally

    • Respond to local needs by adapting menus, pricing, and promotions in individual stores

    • Simplify updates and reduce training needs by controlling every POS terminal either locally or centrally

  • Extend POS to mobile devices

    • Maximize efficiency with a single POS that can work across fixed and mobile devices

    • Provide faster service to guests

    • Allow managers to control back-office operations on mobile devices, including labor management

  • POS configured to your operation

    • Create the right workflows for your business

    • Deliver the ideal guest experience to your customers

    • Keep staff happy with functionality tailored to their environment

  • Kitchen management

    • Maximize quality control of food with kitchen systems aimed to support chefs

    • Ensure timely preparation of food to maximize guest satisfaction

    • Monitor kitchen performance and identify areas for improvement

  • Reporting and analysis

    • Stay in control of your business by leveraging the additional Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics cloud service

    • Access near real-time data covering sales, effectiveness of promotions, shrinkage, and more

    • Monitor business health from anywhere using a variety of devices

  • Extends to loyalty

    • Drive customer loyalty by creating programs to encourage repeat business

    • Gather valuable customer data to monitor trends and behavior

  • Integrated labor management

    • Increase business efficiency by taking greater control of one of your biggest costs

    • Make informed staffing decisions using access to real-time labor reporting

    • Minimize expenditure by improving staff scheduling and increasing the efficiency of payroll

  • Inventory management

    • Minimize costs by increasing visibility and control of inventory

    • Negotiate better pricing with suppliers using inventory intelligence

    • Maximize profitability by knowing the cost of menu items adjusting as the prices of ingredients change

  • Loss prevention

    • Identify suspicious behavior within your operation and access data for investigation

    • Maximize profitability by reducing shrinkage

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